20493 E Tempra
Palmer Alaska 99645
Phone: 1-907-746-6371
Fax: 1-907-746-6376
Toll Free: 1-866-370-6371
Advanced Telecommunication
Systems of Alaska
Service Now And Into The Future
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Samsung Business Communication Systems (BCS), a Dallas-based division of Samsung Telecommunications America, is the distribution arm for Samsung Electronics Company’s line of business telephony solutions. Targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, Samsung BCS offers an elite line of telephony-based customer premise equipment (CPE) with dynamic architecture that can accommodate tremendous growth at low incremental costs to meet a variety of communications needs. As an innovator in convergence technology, Samsung’s business telephony systems bring together traditional voice and data capabilities to offer fully integrated, converged communications platforms and applications. In addition to CPE, Samsung BCS also offers a comprehensive line of voice processing equipment, CTI applications and wireless solutions.
About Samsung Business Communication System